Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 School Year!

To the Bethlehem Township Community:

The Summer of 2018 has been the fastest two months in history!  We welcomed everyone
back on Wednesday, August 22nd with smiles, speeches, trainings, meetings, optimism, and
an amazing PTA luncheon!

Our overarching theme for this year is “Social and Emotional Learning”.  As a school district
we can come together and continue to make our schools a safe and nurturing place for our
students to learn.  We will have a speaker on the 22nd (George Scott) that will give us
strategies for “Creating Sanctuary for Learners.” We will continue with meaningful
training from various professionals to help create a productive learning environment
troughout the year.

Thinking ahead to the school year, below are ideas for PDP goals for our staff - developed by our team
for district staff:

Kindness - Respect - Empathy

Social Emotional Learning

Inclusion and co-teaching

Educational Technology

Data meetings/Tiered instruction/PLCs

Student Achievement

Our team and many vendors have been hard at work this summer and below are some
highlights from these projects (click highlighted links for additional information):

The curbs in front of Conley have been replaced!  
Many physical and procedural changes to enhance safety for our staff and students
We will share details during a Community Meeting in early October
The Business Office has moved to Hoppock
Chief School Administrator office has moved to Room 20 in Hoppock Hoppock Main Office has moved upstairs
Child Study Team offices (and Director’s Office) have moved to Room 121
Gymnasium floors have been varnished
Public Address and Fire Alarms are in final stages of completion
IXL for Mathematics and English Language Arts will now being used for grades 6-8
Articulation throughout the year to assess progress
Continuing with Project Launch (STEAM) in Grades 3-5
Strategic Planning Adoption and recommendation for approval at our September 27th
Board of Education meeting - all stakeholders invited!

We also have adopted our District Goals for the 2018-2019 School year and we will work this
year to accomplish our objectives - see below:

District Goals for 2018 - 2019

Our Long Range Strategic Plan was developed in conjunction with stakeholders over the
past 8 months with community meetings and consultation from New Jersey School Boards
All of the data from our meetings have been collected and organized into Goals
with Action Plans and our Bethlehem Township Board of Education met at a retreat on
August 14, 2018 at Conley school to develop our District and Chief School Administrator
goals.  Below is a synthesis of all of the data and plans to develop our goals for the 2018 -
2019 school year. These will be presented for approval at our August 23rd Board of
Education meeting for approval and our strategic plan with be presented for approval at
our September 27th meeting.

Safety & Security

Goal #1:  To secure our facilities and provide a safe environment for our staff and students.  
Ensure all school staff and students are trained in all safety procedures
Continue to maintain facilities safety equipment and hardware to ensure all security
measures in schools
Explore all options and training to secure safe schools

Communication and Community Engagement

Goal #2:  Increase communication and involve all stakeholders in a community for all
residents, students, school staff, and Board of Education.
Maintain our website with latest information and means for communications
Create building and district newsletters to highlight schools activities
Provide Board of Education with timely updates on school and district happenings
Build community-based activities that involve student/residents
Encourage students to be involved in activities that focus on seniors/veterans/non-sports
Create service projects promote participation of all students in other community events (example PTA)

Social & Emotional Learning

Goal #3:  To prepare our students socially and emotionally to adapt and adjust to our
changing world.
Enhance student self-advocacy, respect, empathy, and empowerment
Create a nurturing environment to promote student learning
Develop a program that will instill interpersonal communication skills (public
speaking classes/diversity) in our students
Assemble diverse teams and implement activities that will foster collaborative
work in students
Develop a growth mindset in students that focuses on improvement
Develop activities that will increase parent engagement with their children
Develop a Capstone Project for students

Educational Experiences (curriculum)

Goal #4:  To prepare students with content and skills necessary to succeed and achieve
in a 21st century world.
Align curriculum with New Jersey Student Learning Standards and adapt and adjust
curriculum to meet contemporary needs of our students
Horizontal and vertical articulation for all curricular areas with regional high school
and Pre-k to 8th grade
Enhance delivery of instruction through observation and evaluation and data analysis
To explore a wide array of career opportunities
To offer real-world experiences through clubs, trips, and hands-on experiences
To provide cutting edge learning opportunities through the use of educational technology

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns and welcome to another
school year!



Gregory C. Farley, Ed.D
Chief School Administrator/Principal - Ethel Hoppock Middle School
Bethlehem Township Public Schools
280 Asbury West Portal Rd, Asbury, NJ 08802
(908) 479-6336 Ext 2222

The mission of the Bethlehem Township School District, in partnership with the
community, is to provide a safe, nurturing child-centered environment that challenges
each child to maximize his/her potential.