Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It is September 2016 in Bethlehem Township Public School!

I was talking to a parent this morning during arrival at Hoppock discussing how well our school year was unfolding.  We looked at one another and realized we were in our 4th week of school!

Our teachers have welcomed back your children prepared to challenge them with projects, assignments, and innovative experiences.  Our hallways and floors are clean and shining, our bulletin boards are full of student work, and our classrooms are bustling with learning activities.  

Continuing our commitment to excellence in grade levels and content areas, our staff, administration, Board of Education, and community will be developing specific short and long term district goals to focus on during the next several years.  As we continue creating the best learning environment for our students, the big ideas we are using to construct our district goals are:

  • 21st Century Learning (4 C’s)
  • Infusing literacy skills into content areas
  • Effective communication and Community Involvement
  • Curriculum development
  • Facilities planning

Mrs. Smith , Mrs. Klemm, Dr. Terpin and I have been working with teachers to develop their individual goals for the school year in concert with the Philosophy and Mission of Bethlehem Township Public Schools.  This includes high expectations, student achievement, community involvement, and the emotional and social development of our students.  We are working diligently to ensure we achieve these goals.  Vision - Goals - Strategies - Success!

As we continue to grow as an educational organization it is vital to focus on the physical environment and address our facilities.  Mrs. Tirone, our Business Administrator, has overseen several projects to make our schools function more effectively and efficiently and beautify our interior and exterior spaces.  Our landscaping and facilities plan have been upgraded and our Board of Education sub-committee (Buildings & Grounds) are planning to ensure our schools and property continue to be an optimal learning environment for our students.  

We will be asking for parent and community input on our Strategic Planning Committee in the next few months where we will create a long range plan to structure the future of teaching and learning in Bethlehem Township.  There will also be many opportunities to meet with me to see the latest happenings in our schools and have conversations about our latest initiatives.

For Conley parents I hope you enjoyed Back to School night on September 14th and we can’t wait for Hoppock’s Open House on September 27th!  

This Blog will be updated regularly and provide our educational community with valuable updates regarding our schools.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions, concerns or comments any time!


The mission of the Bethlehem Township School District, in partnership with the community, is to provide a safe, nurturing child-centered environment that challenges each child to maximize his/her potential.

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  1. Happy to be back and teaching! Schools look great. Thanks for joining our team!